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Citroën may be a French complete automotive manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën. Citroën has continually been famous for its cutting-edge technology that has created major innovations to the automotive world. . The complete created in 1934 and among different front-wheel drive utility models, the H, the 2CV, the DS and also the CX.

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Since 1974, Peugeot bought Citroën; Citroën is part of PSA Peugeot-Citroën. They also emphasize their racing cars, rally champions repeatedly Paris-Dakar and WRC World Rally Championship.

Citroën’s logo consists of two gallons or inverted spikes (chevrons) superimposed and are inspired by an invention of André, referring to a gear with the V-shaped teeth, which leads to benefits for tooth gear plane.

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During the First World War led André Citroën factory shells, but once finished, decided to create his own brand of cars was in 1919. To this end, he travels to America and study the production chain Henry Ford. Copy the system and transformed his Paris studio and developed its first model called type A. This is the first European car manufactured in series.

In 1924, Citroën has the support of an American engineer, Edward Gowan Budd cars built since 1899 steel for railways but now dedicated to the car body construction, mainly for Dodge. So this way, Citroën introduced Europe’s first steel-bodied car.

Competitors who used wood for their bodies soon copied the idea and also introduced aerodynamic forms for their cars that made Citroën line evolved from their cars in order to modernize them. Citroën sales strategy used as the low prices of their cars but this led him to have many financial losses.

Prior to his bankers accountable, André Citroën in the early 30′s tried to save his business by launching a revolutionary model called Traction Avanti (front wheel drive). This car dominated all rivals for 15 years but had developed very expensive. In 1935, Pierre André Citroen replaced Michelin in the direction of the company.

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