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Chrysler is one automaker in the United States was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler. It belongs with General Motors and Ford Motor Company to the Big Three in the U.S.. Chrysler came on June 10, 2009 from a suspension of payments procedure. By July 2011, Fiat’s 53.3% ownership of Chrysler. Chrysler with General Motors was the recipient of financial support from the governments of Canada and the United States during the beginning of the credit crisis.

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Walter Chrysler was born in 1875. After school he worked for the railways. He was manager at the American Locomotive Company was in the car industry had steps. That did not materialize in 1911, Chrysler director of the Buick Motor Company. In 1919 he moved twills-Overland. There he tried John Willys, founder and the man who adopted him, to putout a bid. The shareholders held him back and left Chrysler in 1921 there.

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Maxwell, the brand was founded in 1903 and by 1920 was on the verge of bankruptcy. Walter Chrysler was brought in to save the day. The company was put up for sale but the purchase itself.

In May 1921, the Maxwell Motor Company transformed the Maxwell Motor Corporation with Walter Chrysler as chairman of the board. In 1922 Maxwell purchased the assets of Chalmers. Maxwell has leased since 1917 as a factory of car manufacturer that Maxwell was not selling well and Chalmers.

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