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Harley-Davidson has a multitude of fanatical fans – including Hells Angels – that no criticism of their brand to know. According to non-fans are Harley Davidsons moderately developed, they shoot capital shortfall, let the poor performance and maneuverability moderate.

Harley-Davidson is an American manufacturer of motorcycles based in Wisconsin. It sells heavyweight during the Second World War, large numbers of motorcycles were delivered to the U.S. military, called Liberator.

Still sees the company has been twenty years in a row sales and profits. Harley-Davidson is the only remaining major American motorcycle manufacturer. The biggest competitor is Japan’s Kawasaki, which is twice as large. Attempts to the specific sound of the Harley-Davidson as a trademark to be registered, have failed.

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Two young engineers, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, friends since childhood, spent their free time on their first motorcycle. Two brothers Arthur, Walter and William, joined soon by the duo, but an unknown German immigrant, the French ”De Dion” engine knew, came from the realization of their business.

In 1903 appeared a single cylinder motorcycle with a power of 3 hp. On August 30 of that year, Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded. Bill (William) Harley, creator of the group, continued studies on piston engines and in 1909 appeared the first ”V-Twin”, a piston engine with two cylinders at an angle of 45 degrees. This “V-twin” quickly became a success.

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In the twenties were known as the HD’s extremely robust and reliable at the time rather rough race tracks. At the end of World War there was a stone Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee.

In the Second World War, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle internationally known as the liberators. They were over Murmansk by ship in large numbers shipped to Russia as war aid, reason and thus also to the eastern front. Many a collector has later ”Liberator” in a barn somewhere in Eastern Europe met and renovated.

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