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The airline was established on September 30, 1957, and conduct the first flight on March 31, 1958 when a Vickers Viscount 779 took off from Vienna to London, England through Zurich. Austrian Airlines was formed from the merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways. The airline launched the service of domestic flights on May 1, 1963. Transatlantic air service from the airline begins on 1 April 1969 with the Vienna route to Brussels and New York and working with Sabena.

Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines Logo Vector Free Download

Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300 belonging to the pattern seen in the Star Alliance Beijing Capital International Airport (2008) Austrian became a member of Star Alliance in 2000. Years, the Lauda Air Austrian purchase, an airline that has a long-distance flight operations, and buy Rheintalflug on February 15, 2001.

His name was shortened to Austrian in September 2003 when meskapai is doing rebranding countries on three airlines. On October 1, 2004 Flight Operations Department of the Austrian and Lauda Air are combined in a single organization, making Lauda Air became a special brand for charter flights. The airline has 8.468 employees.