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Microsoft Windows or better known as Windows is a family of operating systems. developed by Microsoft, using the graphical user interface. Windows operating systems have evolved from the MS-DOS, an operating system based on text mode and command-line.

The first version of Windows, Windows Graphic Environment 1.0 was first introduced on 10 November 1983, but only out of the market in November 1985, which was made to meet the computer needs to display a picture.

Windows 1.0 is 16-bit software (not an operating system) that runs on MS-​​DOS (and some variants of the MS-DOS), so he will not be able to run without a DOS operating system.

Version 2.x, 3.x versions of the same. Some versions of Windows (starting from version 4.0 and Windows NT 3.1) is an independent operating system that no longer depend on the operating system MS-DOS. Microsoft Windows and can be developed and can be controlled using the operating system up to 90%.

Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Vector Logo Download