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The Frankfurt International Airport (IATA: FRA, ICAO: EDDF) (or even Frankfurt Airport Rhein-Main Airport) is the largest German commercial airport and one of the world’s major aviation hubs.

In terms of passenger volume, it is to London-Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle’s third largest airport in Europe and is ranked ninth in the worldwide comparison He has, after the airport in Paris, the second largest volume of cargo to all European airports.

Operator Fraport AG. In 2010, in Frankfurt counted a total of 53 million passengers. When Frankfurt airport with about 200 inhabitants, is the airport a separate district of Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt Airport Frankfurt Airport Vector Logo Download

On 16 Founded in November 1908 in Frankfurt with the German Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft (DELAG) the first airline in the world. This opened in 1912 in Frankfurt-Bockenheim the “airship port on the vine” (later “Frankfurt-Rebstock”), and this was initially intended only for airships, a little later, the area was also the starting and landing field used for aircraft.

After the First World War the airfield was expanded further in 1924 but doubted one of Frankfurt’s mayor, Ludwig Landmann report commissioned long-term viability of the airfield. In the same year the airfield was placed under the supervision of the urban Southwest German air transport company and introduced a scheduled air service.

1925 2357 is already off and landed aircraft, which carried about 5,500 passengers. Founded in 1926 with the German Luft Hansa AG took the civilian air traffic in Germany a rapid recovery.

In 1930, the Frankfurt magistrate decided, after years of meteorological, geographical and traffic planning to build a new airport in the city forest, south of Frankfurt-Schwanheim, which failed however to the global economic crisis.

After the so-called “takeover” the Nazis did in December 1933, these plans to own and ordered long-range forest clearing in the city for the construction of a new major airport.

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