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The Honda Accord sedan is the Japanese automaker Honda. Since 1976, eight generations have passed. Since the first generation Honda Accord has evolved both in its dimensions from the size of a compact sedan than a family sedan, at the level of its equipment and its quality engines, which helped to make this model a reference on the North American market.

Accord Accord Vector Car Logo Download  


The second generation was first marketed in Japan and Europe in 1981 and in North America in 1982. This is the first Honda produced on American soil at the plant in Marysville, Ohio. Since its launch 15 years and during the Agreement is a reference among the Japanese models. The significant improvement of quality control have helped make this model one of the most reliable of the U.S. market, which is always the case.

In Japan, a similar model is sold at the same time, under the name Honda Vigor. Compared to the first generation cockpit and the exterior has been modernized. By EK1CVCC engine against the 1751 cc (75 hp) is preserved.

The engine block has still been reworked to reduce the fuel consumption of around 15%.The Agreement incorporates all the aesthetic values ​​of the time: wool carpets, velvet interior and chrome inserts. It is available in the colors: black, beige and sky blue.

The finish LX offers a clock with digital display and allows a reduction in fuel consumption by reducing weight. Japanese and European models are aerodynamic headlights, while the North American models are equipped with rectangular headlights and rear beacons in accordance with U.S. law.